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Destination Wedding in India

We Plan The Most Beautiful Destination Wedding in India

We are one of the biggest Destination wedding planners in India. We have more than 100+ destinations across India as options to choose from. Beautiful Destination Wedding in India is the new trend of Shaadi’s nowadays. Not only in India but it is famous worldwide for marriages. 

We plan everything in the packages like food, amenities, decorations, photography, makeup, and dressing etc. Destination wedding cost in India is very competitive but our prices are very affordable. We charge for the quality service and ensure to provide the beautiful experience for your once in a life moment.

Plan Destination Wedding in India

Your Special Day, Our Arrangement.


Your special occasion is meant to be in beautiful locations surrounded by sky blue waters and beautiful lush green ambiance. We help you to plan your dream wedding in a unique way in beautiful places. It will be your engagement but with our arrangements. 

Wedding is the biggest event in any family. It not only connects to the heart but also connects the unthreaded relations together. Either it is a big event or big power, it always comes with great responsibility. A well-planned destination wedding at beautiful exotic locations requires a lot of effort and coordination. 

We provide world-class facilities and services when it comes to a planning destination wedding in India. We have well-organized connections in all mandatory fields to provide you a superb experience in your planned destination wedding. 

Which Are The Best Destination Wedding Locations In India?

A destination wedding is the new fashion trend started in India. It got more popular after Virushka’s wedding. It becomes more special as it is a fun-packed combination of attending a wedding and enjoying the vacation together with your family and friends. We provide you world-class amenities for these planned weddings with an affordable budget. 



Whether it is a vacation or a Destination wedding in Goa, it is always exciting. We provide beachside wedding venues in Goa. 

Average Cost: Rs. 29 Lakh to 48 Lakh (150 Guests)



Jaipur is known for its royalty and luxuriousness. We arrange beautiful luxury destination weddings in Jaipur at an affordable price.

Average Cost: Rs. 28 Lakh to 65 Lakh (150 Guests)



The royal touch in weddings enhances when it is connected with the king city Jodhpur. We plan your destination wedding in Jodhpur with ease.

Average Cost: Rs. 12 Lakh to 45 Lakh (150 Guests)



The destination wedding in Udaipur has its own significance when it comes to architecture and beauty. Let’s plan a beautiful wedding in Udaipur.

Average Cost: Rs. 45 Lakh to 65 Lakh (150 Guests)

Frequently Asked Questions About Planning Destination Wedding

We are presenting the frequently asked question about various queries such as Destination wedding cost in India, Destination Wedding Movies, Destination Wedding Photoshoot, etc. 

While planning a destination wedding, the first question that arises in everyone’s mind is about management of arrangements. In India weddings are planner in two ways. One way is a wedding planner by family members and friends and other way is wedding planned by professional wedding planners in India. 

But When it comes to destination wedding, there is only one way to arrange things in a good way at your wedding and that way is hiring professioanl destination wedding planners for your wedding. It has tons of benefits as destination weddings are suppose to happen at far away locaation from your hometown and for arranging everything in a better manner, it will require a lot of effort and coordination.

This is where wedding planners comes into action as they have good connections worldwide with the local service providers and venues. And thus weddings go really smooth and in a good way when it is planned by a destination wedding planner.

Well, this question can have many answer as it depends on the packages you have taken from them. If you are on a premium package then this will cover all the things including Air or train tickets, accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner etc. In decoration, they provide you all the arrangement from venue to lighting and DJ also if required.

Depending on your package, you can also get photography, pre-wedding shoots and destination wedding movie services also.

The Destination Wedding Coat in India  can go upto 50 Lakh – 80 Lakh depending on the services and locations.

It depends on the diversity of services provided by the wedding planner and location, venues also. If they are providing you some extra services like pre-wedding shoots at different locations in the destination wedding locality and transport tickets also.