HD Makeup: The Ultimate Guide To Enhance Your Bridal Look

HD Makeup is the ultimate art of enhancing and polishing normal makeup. It is an important aspect of any function with respect to the persons who are attending it. HD makeup has its own importance for a Bride on the wedding day.

It is the dream of every bride and groom to look good on their special wedding day. People tend to book One of the best makeup artists in their town for this day. Today, we will be sharing the ultimate guide to enhance your bridal look for your dream day.

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Nowadays every bride ensures to get only HD makeup for herself. So that every pixel of her Wedding Photography look stunning and perfect. Without much a do let’s start the less known facts and ultimate guide of HD Makeup.

what is HD Makeup
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HD Makeup

What is HD Makeup?

High Definition makeup and High Definition photography are well connected together. So this whole story starts when HD Cameras came into existence. After that all photography and videography in wedding and other functions are captured in HD Cameras.

In this scenario, it became quite difficult to hide the tiny imperfections such as blemishes, pores, scars wrinkles, uneven skin tone, etc in Photos. This was the main reason behind the starting of HD Makeup. Basically, HD Makeup (High Definition Makeup) is a technique for various kinds of skin applications to hide tiny imperfections. This also involves various high end skin products, Skincare appliances and professional expertise.

This all results in flawless skin. Now one can easily flaunt their flawless look in front of HD Cameras. Skin products used in HD Makeup are made of high quality anti reflecting foundation elements. These products are helpful in absorbing the sweat and light together. This results in butter smooth natural flawless look.

These High-End Products are well tested to provide a natural look. And it is super light also. With these kinds of makeup, you would not feel heavy. Let’s say goodbye to all skin imperfections with the help of the most advanced High Definition makeup techniques available out there.

HD Makeup Look
World Class Makeup done in HD

How to do HD Makeup?

When you are going for a makeover session for your wedding, HD Makeup is a must. You should know every fine detail of this makeup to judge and justify the makeover you get. It is not just about the high-end skin products but It is also about the techniques that are followed in it.

How to do hd makeup

The most important technique of HD Makeup is the equilibrium of blending brushes and product particles together. These high-quality skin products are made to equally distribute the lighting. They also absorb the intense light and diffuse it to make it scatter. This helps in hiding the skin flaws from the real world.

The blending techniques of products and sponges together play a vital role in connecting the real and reel world. Since these products are butter smooth and it blends with the skin without many efforts. This is the reason these products are somewhat expensive in comparison with normal makeup products.

Bridal HD Makeup Look
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The light handing property of such skin products is the main weapon of any makeup artist. It makes the job of a makeup artist quite easy to blend these high-quality makeup products. But everything can not be done just by the skin products, highly professional makeup artists are also quite important.

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Its the professional skills of a makeup artist of blending these product particles in seamless way. If its not done correctly, it can make it look unnatural. But if you hired a nice and professional makeup artist, its a quick and easy job for them.

How to Judge Authentic HD Makeup?

The authenticity of makeup brushes and products

Skin care Industry is filled with unauthentic and duplicate makeup tool kit and products. So, to get a nice and authentic makeover, It is quite important to use original products. It is quite hard but not impossible to identify duplicate ones.

The main sign of original and authentic products is its high-end packaging and 3D hologram. Since 3D holograms are allowed to be printed in very few places after required approvals only. Its nearly impossible for duplicators to get a authentic hologram for their products.

Another way to verify the authenticity is to contact the manufacturer company and verify batch numbers of products.

stunning hd makeup
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Difference between HD Makeup and Other Makeup Techniques

There are a variety of makeup techniques and types available in the market. When we talk about the specialty and features of HD Makeup, It is its rich features. This kind of makeover gives a natural glowing skin while others looks somewhat artificial.

HD Makeup has a variety of different shades, blending brushes, mixing sponges, etc. This whole collection helps the makeup artist to match the skin shades and tone together and refine the overall experience. In this kind of makeup, huge importance is given to shades, highlights, and blending. The understanding of facial shadows and natural highlights is a must for the makeup professionals to utilize his/her skills.

The main challenge is to hide the flaws of the skin from the futuristic smart HD cameras. But with the advancement of such makeup and the immense seamless blending makes it possible. You will always look nice and cheerful in every picture with this kind of makeover.

Advantages of HD Makeup

  • It looks very natural as HD Makeup products are of high-end.
  • With just a thin layer of this kind of makeup, you can go for any perfect click.
  • Since the products are very good, its skin-friendly also.
  • It is very lightweight and easy to carry for a long time.
  • It covers all skin imperfections with advanced makeup techniques.
  • HD Makeup is suitable for all skin types, whether it is oily, dry, or normal.
bride with makeup in HD
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What is the cost of HD Makeup?

After years of expertise in this industry and talking to a lot of professional makeup artist, We can suggest you the exact price range for these kinds of makeup.

HD Makeup can cost you anything between 18,000 INR to 60,000 INR. But it also depends on the occasion and timing of the year. If it is a wedding season then the prices can go up to a higher side because of lots of bookings. If it is a off wedding season, the the prices can come slightly to a lower range also.

If you are hiring a renowned makeup artist, these prices can go really high as they charge you for their brand value also. It also makes sense as they have years of experience and expertise in their respective field. The more experience they have, the better they can suggest and utilize products. If you are planning for booking a good makeup artist for your wedding then you should book them at least two months prior to the wedding date.

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Amazing HD Makeup
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For which occasions you should go for HD Makeup?

Since HD Makeup is a little costly than all other normal makeup. You should plan it according to your budget. If you are a budget-friendly person then You can keep normal makeup for normal days and HD makeup for very special days only. Suppose, you have Haldi function at your home then you don[‘t need HD Makeup and you can save a good pocket amount over there.

But for very special occasions like reception and wedding day, you should definitely spend quality amount on HD Makeup. These memories are for life and one should not compromise when its the right tome.

Indian Bride with HD Makeup
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Tools used in HD Makeup

Tools used in HD Makeup are widely considered to be very helpful. Although many people do not understand exactly what these tools do, we will provide brief explanations and demonstrations to help clear things up.

1. A Makeup Blender
2. Lip Gels
3. Blending Masks
4. Mascara Brushes
5. Contouring Masks
6. Concealer
7. Cleansing Serum
8. Cream Concealer
9. Cleanup Brush

Makeup Blender: The different types of makeup blender are used to highlight and blend. They work on either a smaller surface, such as a sponge, or a larger surface, such as a flat brush. The smaller surfaces work best for shadow and eye shadow.

The larger brushes are excellent for cream or loose powder. They work best on powders and makeup base colors.

Lip Gels: Lip Gels are used on the bottom lip area for the application of lipstick. Lip gels are very helpful in moisturizing the lip area as it is very much exposed to foods. So it becomes quite important to nourish the lip bottom area using Lip Gels.

Mascara Brushes: If you want to apply Mascara on eyelashes, the most important thing you will need is Mascara Brushes. They are used both on and over the lash line. This is quite important to know the right process to apply to Mascara. There are two different ways to apply mascara. 1. Using the Eyelash Comb 2. Using the Formula Concealer Brush.

To Apply Mascara, we recommend that you use eyelash combs or eyeliner brushes. You may need to pick up a separate mascara for your lashes. For eyelash combs, some people use both a traditional mascara brush and a lash comb. Other people prefer to use one brush for the lashes and another brush to get the mascara on them.

mascara brush used in HD Makeup

Contouring Masks: Contouring Masks are used to contour the face to make it more noticeable.

Concealer: Most of the people in this small age group of youngsters have not really noticed that Concealer is used in a daily makeup routine. For those who have been in this field for a long time, it has become very easy to understand its various uses and benefits.

Some people may think that its main purpose is to hide pimples and other dark patches in the face and neck area but that is not the case. Concealer is an important tool to brighten up the face and lighten dark patches.

Cleansing Serum is primarily used for removing dirt and oil from the skin. When it comes to the Hideway Makeup, makeup artists have mostly used the Cleansing Serum for applying a clear concealer. Another use is for correcting and/or clearing out pores and creating a soft-focus effect. This is essentially achieved by applying the cream and massaging it in, then gently scraping.

Cream Concealer: It looks just like a creamy blush tint but is applied on the face instead of the eye lid. Great way to add softness and extra dimension to the skin.

Cleanup Brush: Cleanup brushes are used to clean up extra junk of products from the skin surface. It helps in refining the final touch and clear skin.

Bride Showing Full HD Makeup
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A wedding celebration is not just a normal celebration but it is a union of two hearts for life. We all want to capture these memories forever. In these kind of function and celebration we are all surrounded by cameras, phones, videographers, etc. So It is always our wish that every click of picture should be perfect.

Since the photography is in HD so we have to be more precise about the makeup also. As HD photography captures every single small details, It is quite important to flaunt your flawless skin. HD Makeup comes into play in this requirement and brings the best out of it.

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